Komecho is located in Mino city.
well known as the It is a birthplace of the Mino Washi (Japanese tradhitional hand-made paper.)
We have strived to make products in utilize for past 1300 years since the company was founded.
We have tried to comply with all the wishes of customers.

What is the Aburatorigami?

The Japanese term "Abura" means sebum in English.
Aburatorigami is a paper that can absorb sebum on your face without disturbing the make-up.
It has been very popular and regarded as the essential item among Japanese woman.
Slim package is the ideal size for purse or drawer.
Press individual sheet softly on shiny areas on the face so that you can use whenever you need to freshen up.
Abratorigami has originated from the paper that used in the traditional gold leaf pounding process.
During the filtering process,the pure gold was beaten repeatedly with the Japanese papers.
Consequently,the papers became thinner and soother.
Geisha at that time used this paper to remove extra sebum on their faces because the paper only absorbs sebum not their make-up.
We have added extra values on our cosmetic papers.Special machines have been introduced into our producing process and we have develobved original untique face paper for customers.We have presented our high quality products to the nation.

Company Overview

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Head Office

Komecho Co., Ltd.
Head Office
4-286 Oyada, Mino-shi, Gifu 501-3771
Ichinomiya Branch
3-24 Aza, Monma, Kisogawa-cho, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi 493-0002
Miyoko Kato
Founded Incorporated
Late Edo period Jan 5, 1954
Main Business
Manufacturing and Sales
"Aburatorigami" Sebum Control Paper
Paper Soap
Kakejiku for Japanese tea ceremony